The Story of Navajo Creation


©  2010 Horsekeeping © Copyright Information

It is said that the Creator had a thought that was Light in the East. The thought went South and created Water, West and created Air, then North and created Pollen from emptiness. Pollen became the Earth.

Light, air, water, and earth is part of everything in nature which is interconnected and equal. When all of the elements mixed together, the first thing created were the Holy People. The Holy People were responsible for teaching what is right and wrong. When the Holy people were given the original laws, they created the earth and human beings.

The Creator and the Holy People created the Natural World including humans, birds, and all animals. This Natural World was put in Hozjo (BALANCE). Hozjo (harmony, balance, and peace) only occurs when there is interconnectedness. All members of the Natural World depend on each other.

The emergence of highest level of Navajo Hozjo was Xajiinai, a hole in the La Plata mountains of SW Colorado. The Holy People have the power to hurt or help, and centuries ago taught Dine (The People) how to live in harmony with Mother Earth, Father Sky and the other elements: man, animals, plants, insects. The Dine believe that when the ceremonies cease the world will cease.

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