Is there such a thing as gold heishi?

A reader asked if there could be “gold heishi” as she had some earrings that were made of 24K gold and were called heishi earrings by the company marketing them.

The official definition of heishi goes something like this

heishi – tiny, polished disks or beads made from the shells of clams, oysters, abalone, etc. or semiprecious stones and strung to form necklaces; originating from the Pueblo.

Pueblo refers to Native Americans of the southwest US, namely the Hopi, Zuni and Santo Domingo.

So technically heishi is heishi. It is what it is. But certainly there is jewelry made in the heishi style and what more beautiful way to celebrate the tradition than with lustrous gold !

2 thoughts on “Is there such a thing as gold heishi?

  1. Thank you for info on gold “heishi” jewelry as I had a similar question.

    I was wondering if the shell heishi necklaces “scratch” your skin when you wear them? Are they comfortable to wear?

    • My pleasure as I am passionate about all things jewelry !

      Great questions about shell heishi necklaces. I’m going to answer it as a post as I’m sure others wonder the same thing…….look for a post soon on that and come back and visit real soon !

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