What are Guard Bracelets?

Guard Bracelets

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Hand made Native American Indian Jewelry; Navajo Sterling Silver  feather braceletGuard Bracelets are thin, usually simply designed, sterling silver bracelets that are worn on either side of a more precious bracelet such as an inlay or a bracelet with an exposed stone. Guard bracelets are meant to act as a barrier and design accent to the main bracelet. Shown here are some examples of guard bracelets.They are usually purchased and worn in pairs.

Hand made Native American Indian Jewelry; Navajo Sterling Silver  feather bracelet

2 thoughts on “What are Guard Bracelets?

  1. very interesting and informative blog. i have a very nice Bruce Morgan bracelet i got from HORSEKEEPING that i wear all of the time it has a twisted wire gold inlay and is about 3/8 wide. is it a guard bracelet or a cuff bracelet? if it is a guard bracelet and usually worn in pairs shouldn’t i have another one? which one do you think i should get?

    limping buffalo

    • Lucky you to have a Bruce Morgan bracelet – they are very hard to come by these days ! It is probably a cuff bracelet because I’ve never seen a Bruce Morgan guard bracelet – his are usually heavy and at least as wide as yours. Guard bracelets are much thinner. But if you are looking for a recommendation as to one to pair with that one, perhaps for the other wrist, I’d suggest the Bruce Morgan hash mark bracelet but I can’t promise it will still be there when you look – it is the last and only and we can’t get more………thanks for writing !!

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