Types of Native American Fetishes

Zuni Fetishes and Carvings
Types of Fetishes

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Navajo Animal Fetish Necklace

Navajo Animal Fetish Necklace

Fetish Necklace – Although adding one or two animal carvings on a heshi, stone or treasure necklace is an old tradition, the use of many small carved animals on Native American necklaces is a relatively modern invention (1900s) for the market. It is not traditional to use fetishes, per se, on a necklace or as jewelry.

Zuni Horse Table Fetish carving

Zuni Horse Fetish Carving

Table Fetish – Table fetishes stand on a flat surface for viewing. They come in various scales with the 2-inch scale being the size most commonly sold today.

Zuni  Pocket Bear Fetish carving

Zuni Pocket Bear Fetish carving

Pocket Fetish – A fetish can be carried when the power of the animal is desired to help the person with a routine task or an obstacle or problem. Pocket fetishes might help with safe travel, a successful venture or “hunt”, a good yield or “crop”.

Medicine Bag Fetish – A fetish can be transported in a medicine bag but it is said that only the mole is content in the darkness for long periods of time.

 Native American Medicine Bags

Native American Medicine Bags

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