Native American Symbols – The Naja

Native American Symbol - The Naja

Sterling Silver Naja by Francis Begay

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8 thoughts on “Native American Symbols – The Naja

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  2. Is there a Native American symbol awarded to great warriors for valor, courage, and bravery in battle much like the Silver or Bronze Stars awarded to soldiers? If not, can you make a suggestion? Thank you very much.

    Wess Arbon

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  5. I appreciate learning and the meanining behind items that have so much importance in peoples lives that they continue to be passed down through generations!. I am part Native American (have not been able to trace this) but family history relates a full blood Cherokee, being four (4) greats removed, grandmother. We once had a tin-type picture of her smoking a pipe but that was borrowed and never returned. I enjoy learning all I can. Thank you!

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