Native American Pendants – Cross or Crucifix?

I’m an old Catholic (don’t get me started) and during my childhood, Catholics wore crucifixes. Now it seems crosses are more the norm? Do you have any information on that? Jeanette

I’m no expert Jeanette, but here is some general information and an opinion.

Native American Crosses

Native American Crosses

A crucifix is a cross with a corpus (body) on it – the body of Jesus Christ – and is a symbol mostly used by the Catholic Church.

A cross has no body on it.

There are many types of crosses.

One of the types is the Christian Cross which is a symbol of Christianity in general, not specific to any one Christian religion. It shows belief in and devotion to Jesus Christ, Christ or God.

The cross can symbolize so many specific things to so many people, but the recent popularity of the symbol in jewelry seems to be a declaration and celebration of Christianity.

Gold and Silver Cross by Navajo artist Richard Singer

Gold and Silver Cross by Navajo artist Richard Singer

One thought on “Native American Pendants – Cross or Crucifix?

  1. I must say that your blog really helped me a lot in selecting a cross pendant. You really got me through great design. I was searching for some beautiful pendants since last week like these. I hope everyone will like these too.

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