Native American Hallmark – SY

I recently saw a carved turquoise pendant. It was about 1 1/2″ horse head. The store owner said it was an antique by an artist named Simon Yazzie. I have been unable to find any other jewelry by this artist. The initials on the back of the piece are SY. Do you know of this artist? and if so, how do I find more of his work? Sara
Hi Sara,

I have never heard of Simon Yazzie and he is not listed in Hallmarks of the Southwest by Barton Wright which is one of the few printed references available on Native American hallmarks.

The only artist associated with SY in that book happens to be one that I am familiar with  – Navajo Steve Yellowhorse. His hallmark of SY is in Gothic, often on a separate sterling silver plate silver soldered to the back of the pieces. The stamp is 1/4″ x 7 1/6″

Sometimes a galloping horse is used with his SY hallmark. Here is an example of a Steve Yellowhorse bracelet we currently have in our store.


Sterling Silver Navajo Bracelet by Steve Yellowhorse

Now as far as Yazzie, did you know that Yazzie is sometimes called the “Smith” of the Navajo world? In other words, when you open the telephone book in Gallop, New Mexico area, for example, there are pages of Yazzies. It is an extremely common name. We have many items made by members of the Yazzie family but about the only one associated with an SY hallmark is Shirley Yazzie. We’ve had earrings made by her and we currently have Navajo Pearls (sterling silver beads) by Shirley Yazzie.

Sterling Silver Navajo Pearls by Shirley Yazzie

Best of luck – it sounds like a beautiful piece.

58 thoughts on “Native American Hallmark – SY

  1. Several years ago, I received a gift of a rich-looking Navajo Pearls necklace and matching earrings (in sterling silver, of course). Each time I wear this set, I receive numerous compliments. It is one of my top 3 favorite accessories.

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  3. We recently purchased two Bracelets with large Kingman Turquoise stones from the Red Canyon Indian Store . The owners insisted that Simon Yazzie worked in the store in the 1990’s. The two bracelets are stamped Simon Yazzie.

    Again these bracelets are stamped with his name and sterling.

  4. There a lot of artists that have the last name Yazzie, as long as your dealing with a reputable Native American jewelry company, you should be fine. Just because the name is not in the Barton Wright book does not mean that its not authentic. There are thousands of artists.

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  6. I have a ring that bought for 1$ at yard sale. It has hallmarks on it,they are 2 arrows crossed at the end of the . design. Do you know anything about it. I felt like I rescued it.
    Thank You
    Nez Perce Sister

  7. I acquired a beautiful pair of earrings several years back in New Mexico. They are 1 1/2 ” square, sterling silver studs, with a large oval of lapis, silver, jet or onyx and what I think may be sugilite inlay(it’s a beautiful super rich marbley turquoise blue,but it doesn’t look like turquoise). They are each imprinted with a Zia symbol, the word “sterling” and a circle with a “C” inside and what looks to be a smaller solid circle inside of the curve of the “C”.
    I’m wondering if you might know who the maker of these is?
    My camera isn’t working right now, or I’d send a picture as well.
    Samantha O.

  8. I have a Contemporary styled Squash Blossom . The hallmark is a backward R attached to an A. Does anyone know who the artist might be?


  9. I recieved a Simon Yazzie braclet when my mom went to NM and Az on a trip. It is very beauiful and looks handcrafted. It is made up of copper.

  10. Hello, I have a large native american turquoise and coral pendant that is hallmarked on the back JAC and was wondering if you could tell me who is JAC. Thanks for any info you could provide.

  11. I am trying to identify a what I believe to be a native american piece. It is a necklace with a large odd shaped pendant i guess you would call it. It has about 6 or 7 round pieces of tourquoise in it. Its pretty tarnished. And it has a halmark of EM on the back. I tried google but found nothing.

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  13. I have a large sterling silver cuff bracelet purchased in the late 1980’s in AZ. It is exceptional workmanship and signed in a script stamp “sterling” a block stamp “NAVAJO” and hand signed Simon Yazzie in script. I cost almost $600 back then!

  14. I was recently in Sedona, AZ and bought a copper bracelet made by Simon Yazzie stamped with his name and Navajo. His wife said that they live on the reservation near Lake Powell.

  15. I also have a copper bracelet stamped “Simon Yazzie”. I bought it at a Pow-Wow in the Bay Area in Calif several years ago. At the same time I bought a sterling silver bracelet for my mom that had flush inlays of coral, mother of pearl, turquoise I believe it was also stamped Simon Yazzie


  17. I own a squash blossom belt buckle, which is sterling, and weighs 2.2 oz. It has Steve Yellowhorses’ initials on it. I’m wondering what it’s worth, as I’d like to sell it.
    Looking forward to your reply

  18. hi there….i have a wonderful horseshoe pin with cowboy charms hanging off of it… has a hallmark of a cowboy hat with an arrow going through it….any ideas of what that might be. I believe it came from Santa Fe.
    thanks so much,

  19. Hi Paula,

    I stumbled across your site looking for info on Simon Yazzie. I have a copper bracelet with the Simon Yazzie name on the back side center along with Navajo. It is made of very heavy twisted copper wire which has been flattened. The top side wire sections of the flat twist are each stamped alternately with a feather on one section, and on the next section, a small arrowhead with a tiny likeness of a face wearing a feather headdress beneath the arrowhead. This repeats alternately on every twisted section across the bracelet. I bought this item from a gun show vendor in Tucson last March. The lady was a young native American gal who told me the bracelet is authentic Navajo and that someone in her Hopi family married into Simon Yazzie’s family and she had personal knowledge of the artist. I am trying to dig up info on Simon Yazzie and hoping that the gal selling me the bracelet was genuine, as well as the artist. Any help or thoughts will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Best Regards,

    Robert Donley
    Tucson, AZ

  20. I was so excited to see the same description of the hallmark like mine on your site but I was so upset you couldn’t answer because of the fire season. I really hope everything is fine!!! Please kindly post a note if you are familiar with the hallmark: a cowboy hat with an arrow going through it. It’s a men’s turquoise ring. The ring is made really really good!!!
    Thank you in advance!

  21. hi ive recently found a ring its sterling and 14k i cannot makeout any marks but what appears to be a buffalo or sometype footprint

  22. i am trying to repurchase an old turquoise mans ring with a larger 1-1/2 blue oval stone it had what appeared to be an ro imprint on bottom with a hourglass imprint you know who this is and do you sell a ring like this.the 1 i had was vintage when given to me 38 years ago

  23. I purchased a silver & turquoise Native American cuff bracelet in Jackson Hole, Wyoming from an Estate Sale with initials O.A. Would you have any information on a jewelry designer by those initials? The bracelet is circa 1930’s…..

  24. I have a unique piece signed Arti, does anyone know who the artist is? Purchased in yah-he-hey, New Mexico 1997.

  25. Have an interesting heavy Extremely well made custom bolo signed on back HY & underneath Sterling. on the HY has the bottom right leg of the H hooking on to the Y Due to the heaviness of the bolo & the extreme masterful Custom of the piece I can assume it was most likely one of the Navajo Yazzi family but who exactly? I can send a picture of the back.

  26. I have some sterling conchos that are for a belt there are 4 with loops and 2 with buckles and they are stamped FY was wondering if anyone knew who FY is

  27. I have a man’s ring with markings of E Yazzie Sterling. I bought the ring in 1977 in New Mexico. Can you tell me anything about the artist?

  28. I met Simon Yazzie the jewelry-smith maker & seller at Navajo bridge in AZ. His pieces were stamped with his full name “Simon Yazzie,” and often “Navajo” in the same font. He works with a lot of copper, silver, and natural gem stones, as well as wire wrapping. He was such a beautiful man to meet!

  29. bought gold earrings at Handcrafters Gallery Santa 1992 have sy + what might be e then swirl around it. Pattern cut in hanging strands and is c for copyright. Any clue?

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