Native American Jewelry – Ring Too Big

Do you have a solution for a wedding band ring (fairly expensive gold nugget) that keeps falling off due to weight loss? I have hunted for my ring 3 times in past few months. I found it once among the lettuce leaves in the refrigerator crisper bin, once in our picnic cooler while on a long driving trip (I had been making sandwiches), and once in the bottom of our huge trash can. I don’t want to get it resized as I may gain weight again. Currently, I do not wear my wedding band due to fear of losing it again. Thank you.

Eternal Life Ring by Navajo Scott Skeets

Eternal Life Ring by Navajo Scott Skeets

Hello again and thanks for the great question. I’ll list some ideas, some of which won’t be appropriate for your situation, but for sake of completion, all of the options I can think of.

1. The most permanent way to resize a ring is to take it to a jeweler. Many rings can be made somewhat larger or smaller by the jeweler working the ring on a mandrel. However, if a ring is very much too large, the jeweler might need to cut and remove some material and resolder the ring. This is not an option for your situation but for someone who inherited a very large ring, for example, and wanted to have it resized.

Eagle Inlay ring by Billy Begay, Navajo

Eagle Inlay ring by Billy Begay, Navajo

2. Wear the ring on a chain around your neck. No?

3. Put a thin ring of the proper size in front of the loose ring to keep it on. It would be a “keeper” ring, much as the thin “keeper bracelets” are used to border and protect a larger Native American bracelet.

4. A temporary solution would be to cut-to-fit the adhesive portion of a band aid or some other bandaging material and carefully place it on the inside of the portion of the ring that you like to wear on the bottom. This will last from a few days to a few weeks depending on how often you put your hands in water. This actually can work out to be a good temporary solution without harming the ring.

Petit Point Turquoise Ring by Zuni Milburn Dishta

Petit Point Turquoise Ring by Zuni Milburn Dishta

5. Use a ring guard, available in various materials including 14K, which slips inside the ring. Search “ring guard” in google and you will see a variety of choices. There are also plastic and silicone types.

I hope one of these ideas sparks a solution for your Big Band !


2 thoughts on “Native American Jewelry – Ring Too Big

  1. I received this note from Darryl D. today:

    About 15 yrs ago I purchased a sterling Navajo ring at a very reputable dealer of tribal jewelry. It was so one of a kind, I had to buy it. At the time of purchase, the dealer told me about the artist, which, over the years I’ve forgotten. But, like all good jewelry, it had a makers mark…B B, & sterling. So today I did a search, and there it was, the Billy Begay eagle w/mother of pearl inlays, and the Turquoise band. Other then a used one on Ebay, you seem to be the only dealer in tribal jewelry that sells it. And as you have only 2 rings, I assume the ring must be very limited in number, and Billy Begay is still making them? I’ve worn the eagle ring everyday for 15 yrs, and other then being a little scratched and dinged, the ring is still perfectly intact. To me, the sign of really high quality…..thanks.

    You are welcome Darryl,

    That is a super good story – I know when I was able to buy the rings last month, I bought both, no question of size or anything ! When I see something that well made and a work of art, I just say, “yes, thank you !”

    Now we are down to one because one of them sold yesterday.

    I’m glad you were able to find my post so you could learn the artist’s name again !

    Thanks for writing !

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  2. Great advice you are giving! Thanks for ideas on my ring – I had not thought of getting a correct size in a thin band to wear in front of my wedding band – and I think this is what I may do.

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