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I recently purchased 2ea D & B handbags at a thrift store.  They were all dirty and I paid 10.00 for each.  I brought them home and cleaned them with a soft cloth with just soap and water.  They dont have any tears only some slightly little scratches on one of them.  One of the bags I think, is an authentic D & B, I can tell because all the rivets say Dooney and Bourke, it has the red white blue tag and it looks authentic to me.  The other bag, I can’t seem to find a picture of it anywhere online!  Its a double strap shoulder bag, it has 5 little feet at the bottom and inside where the feet are they say Dooney Bourke.  The straps dont come off, they are sewn onto the outer side of the bag, it does have a red white and blue tag with serial number, it has a top zipper opening and a pocket on front and back along the length or width of the bag.  They both have the duck seal in the front in good condition that says All Weather Leather. Do you think this might be a fake D & B?  I love D & B and thought this was a good buy since they are the vintage all weather leather bags.  I own authentic D & B bags so I’m not sure what to think on these 2. Can you help me on this?
Thank You, Maria

Hi Maria,

First I want to be sure you know about our pages that list the authenticity factors of Dooney & Bourke handbags and accessories.
Bag #1

Usually if the rivets say Dooney & Bourke on them, the bag is authentic. That coupled with the fact that it has the “Dooney & Bourke Made in USA” red, white and blue tag sewn inside with a serial number on the back makes it almost positive the bag is authentic.

Bag #2

Since you say it does have the RWB tag with serial number, that should be enough to authenticate it. But as I read your note I wonder if you meant to say “it does not have…..”?

From what you write, they both seem authentic and at $10 each, if the condition is good without soiling, odors or damage to leather or stitching, you got a great buy.

I’m sending you my email address so you can send me photos if you like.

Authentic AWL Dooney & Bourke Wheat and British Tan Equestrian Handbag


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