Navajo Sterling Silver Buffalo Ring

Hello Paula

I have a very nice Sterling Buffalo ring and I can’t find the makers mark anywhere on line. I was thinking it might be Navajo or Hopi but I don’t know. Could I send you an email with a couple of photo’s attached so I can let you look at the ring and the makers mark and maybe identify it for me?

Thank you for your time!  Dennis D

Hi Dennis,

I’m posting your photos so in case somebody else recognizes the hallmark or work, we might get a better answer than what I am going to give you below.

OK, first of all I do not recognize the hallmark and I looked in all of my books to no avail. However I’m posting the photos in case another reader recognizes it.

I think this would be Navajo made in the 1980s or later. Because it has the word Sterling stamped on it, I doubt that it would have been made before that time, but it could be a late 1970’s ring.

It has all the design features and style of Navajo work. The spirals and leaves are very much associated with Navajo silversmithing.

Here is an example of Navajo work showing leaves, raindrops and spirals.

Sterling Silver and Turquoise Ring by Charlene Yazzie, Navajo

Sterling Silver and Turquoise Ring by Charlene Yazzie, Navajo

Here is an example of Hopi work – Hopi artists are most noted for overlay.

Hopi Sterling Silver Overlay Ring by Clement Honie

Hopi Sterling Silver Overlay Ring by Clement Honie

The only piece we have had that is similar to your ring was a small cast buffalo head pendant which was actually about the same scale as the buffalo head on your ring.

Vintage Sterling Silver Cast Buffalo Head

We’ve seen other pieces that incorporate a cast sterling silver buffalo head into a belt buckle or bolo tie from that era. The smith might work the cast piece a bit to change the buffalo’s nostrils or hair, but there seemed to be that particular buffalo head as a recurring theme.

If someone writes that they recognize the hallmark, I will be sure to let you know.

Bottom line – it is a great looking ring and one to enjoy !

5 thoughts on “Navajo Sterling Silver Buffalo Ring

  1. Dennis wrote:

    Hello Paula
    I would like to thank you very much for your time researching the ring. I would have to agree with you about it being Navajo. I will watch my emails for further post if someone knows or can identify the mark.
    Thank you so much again!

    • It came out of Gallup New Mexico. I had one identical to it and it was crafted by a Navajo named Larry Hoskie. I do not think he is still alive. It is a beauty. I would not mind having it.

  2. i am very interested in the vintage sterling silver cast buffalo head i see on this site, i have the exact buffalo head, but it is a mans sterling silver ring size 11 or 12 i would guess. please give any info on the maker, origin or value of this ring. i bought it from a friend who said she got it from her ex-boyfriend who found it in a box of junk he bought at an auction somewhere in arizona, which is interesting because i live in missouri.

  3. I am so glad that I came across this picture…I have a few pieces of jewelry with this symbol…not buffalo heads however…a bracelet and 2 rings…they belonged to my mom and I have no idea where she got them from as she passed away …..we lived in Montana for a time…as well as oklahoma…her mother lived with an american indian in Montana and that may have been where they came from…either way it was making me crazy that I couldn’t find this mark anywhere…thank

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