Navajo Pearls – Desert Pearl Necklace – Faux Available?

Hi Paula,

I would like a faux desert pearl necklace with big beads because I am big.  Do Native Americans ever make good quality fake jewelry?  I would rather buy it from them. Linda

Hi Linda,

Thanks for the mention of another name for Navajo sterling silver beads – AKA Navajo Pearls and Desert Pearls.

As far as faux…do you mean not made out of sterling silver?  If that is what you mean by fake, no, I’ve never seen any Navajo beads made out of other metals or even beads that are sterling silver plated. All beads that I have seen are made from sterling silver. Considering the time it takes to hand make each bead, I couldn’t imagine making them out of anything but sterling silver.

Read All About Silver here.

Read All About Navajo Pearls here.

As far as bead size, one of the largest and heaviest Navajo Pearls we’ve had were these – a graduated set by Marie Yazzie but they sold quickly and are very hard to come by. They were 22 inches long, weighed 130 grams. The center bead was 21 mm graduating to 12 mm at the ends.

Large Heavy Desert Pearls

Currently we have two large bead Navajo Pearl necklaces in our store. One is in the new bead section and the other in the pawn shop.

Sterling Silver Navajo Pearls by Gloria Davis : 23" with 23mm bead at center graduating to 11 mm at the ends.

Navajo Pearls by Gloria Davis: 24" with 21 mm center bead graduating to 11 mm at the ends.

Best of luck finding the perfect Desert Pearl necklace ! Let me know if I can be of further help.


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