Peyote Bird Chip Inlay Squash Blossom Necklace

Hi Paula,

I have a gorgeous 29 in long peyote bird chip inlay squash blossom necklace circa 1970. Initials JD are on the naja piece. No other markings.  Any idea who JD is?  I think JD Massie signs his full name. MaryAnn

Peyote Bird Chip Inlay Squash Blossom Necklace

What is Chip Inlay?

Chip inlay is a method where cavities in jewelry are filled with a mixture of crushed stone, typically turquoise and coral, and epoxy resin. The piece is then polished smooth after the resin has hardened. Navajo Tommy Singer is credited for first using chip inlay in Native American jewelry.

Hi MaryAnn,

I have 6 JD s in my hallmark book and none of them are of the right tribe,
era or type of work to do that chip inlay.

J.D. Massie is Zuni and I’ve never seen Zuni do chip inlay.

So we are looking for a Navajo artist.

Here are some examples of Navajo Chip Inlay work.

I thought I’d post your photos in case another reader might have some ideas or suggestions about JD.

Let me know if you come up with anything.


12 thoughts on “Peyote Bird Chip Inlay Squash Blossom Necklace

  1. Maryann I have the same necklace but there is some difference. My birds have a red stone inlaid in the tail feathers and three stripes across the neck. If you found out who or what tribe might have made this. Please let me know thanks

  2. I have almost the exact piece that you have except ours is made by a person named Jackie Singer from around 1970. Another difference is ours have the exact same birds as yours except the head of the birds are thunderbirds. If you fins out anything more, please let me know.

  3. I have an inlaid squash blossom necklace. It is eagles and the signature is a v with an inverted v similar to the masonic emblem. It was purchased in the early 70’s in OKC. Trying to find out who the artist is

  4. I have a very similar necklace that belonged to my mother that was made by an Arizonian man named “Joe Sam” . My grandfather was a farmer in southern Colorado, and this man and his family used to come up and stay to help harvest the fields. I was very young, and unfortunately my family members have since passed, and about all I remember about him, was this kind man name Joe Sam. They brought their entire family up to help with harvest, they stayed in a camper in my grandfather’s yard, I can’t seem to remember a whole lot else. The initials inscribed on your piece look like the same font of letter that was used on mine especially the “j” . (maybe from the same family or tribe?) I also have two bracelets made by him, cuff style with inland turquoise on each.

  5. I also have a peyote bird chip inlay squash blossom necklace with the JD mark. It is smaller though, 17″ in length. Otherwise looks a lot like MaryAnn’s.

  6. No info yet? I have similar piece and also marked JD… like everyones, mine is slightly different (tailfeatgers are dif) any Info would be great ❤

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