Turquoise Heishi Necklaces – Price Differences

Hi Paula,

Can you please tell me why the 22″ necklace is almost $100 more than
the 18″?  They are by the same artist, Ella Mae Garcia. Thank you.   Debbie

Hi Debbie,

I’m not sure exactly which necklaces you are asking about……as we have many……….so I’m just going to take a guess here………

This 18″ turquoise heishi necklace is $52

Santo Domingo Turquoise Heishi Necklace by Ella Mae Garcia

The 22″ necklace is $138.

Santo Domingo Turquoise Heishi Necklace by Ella Mae Garcia

The 22″ is priced like it is because that is what the artist charged us at the time
we purchased it.

Then we ordered a large batch of 17″ and 18″ necklaces from her and she sold them to us for a lower price so we have passed that savings on to our customers.

Let me know if I figured out which necklaces you were talking about and if
you have any more questions.



You are right!  The 22″ is the length I want (to replace one that I bought in AZ in 1973…daughter lost it)  boo hoo.  Really can’t afford it at this time but thank you so much for explaining those 4 inches!  Never expected a reply on Sunday…thank you. Debbie

My pleasure – One more thing Debbie – the turquoise used sometimes costs the artists more at one time than another. The green turquoise used in the 22″ was a more expensive turquoise than the lighter blue used in the shorter ones……….nothing is ever the same with Native American hand made jewelry and that’s what makes it interesting. Also diameter will enter in – since the 22″ has more of the larger diameter heishi beads, it is, relatively speaking, more turquoise………(besides the extra inches) – in a way, turquoise, being a precious gemstone, is sold by size of stones or weight if you know what I mean…….its all based on what it took the artist to buy materials and time spent in making.
Making heishi is a very labor intensive (and dusty!) job ! Read All About Heishi including how it is made.

I’ll bet that 1973 necklace was nice – too bad your daughter lost it.

Come see us when you rob your piggy bank ! And note that there is one necklace left that is only 1/2″ shorter but $20 less than the one you asked about. If that would work for you, it is a beautiful necklace.


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