Horace Iule and his Zuni Cross Legacy

Horace Iule (1901-1978) was a Zuni artist who made a wide variety of sterling silver and stone pieces, most notably traditional Zuni crosses.

Horace worked with his wife Lupe Iule, who was from San Felipe Pueblo. They were married in 1933, and had six children: Ruby, Lupe, Cecilia, Robert, Barney, and Phillip. Cecilia continues in her fathers tradition with the crosses.

Cecilia creates her crosses from tiny to huge and uses coral, turquoise, and other gem stones.

Vintage Malachite and Opal Cross by Cecilia Iule, Zuni

Horace Iule was taught silversmithing by his father. He made sand-cast items and then embellished them with hammering and die stamping. His children use some of his original casting equipment to continue the Iule cross legacy.


5 thoughts on “Horace Iule and his Zuni Cross Legacy

  1. I have a cross that is made by C.Iule that is a cross just like the coral cross only mine contains all opals, was wondering if you know any information about it or how I might get more information

  2. I have coral and turquoise silver man’s ring stamped P. IULE inside. Do you think this would be Phillip Iule’s work? I have tried to find information about him but there doesn’t appear to be much available. I know the ring is vintage, probably at least 40 to 50 years old but that is just an estimate.

  3. My husband recently passed away and I have 3 men’s H Iule crosses with large turquoise stones and one coral with large stones. Each measure about 3″ long to approx. 2″wide. The silver is quite detailed. The necklace on the coral is beautifully beaded and appears to be very old. The largest turquoise one has 13″ of expensive old silver beads in various sizes on each side. I have no idea the value of them and would like to know if you can help.

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