Our Bargain Barn is like an Online Garage Sale

I ordered two items yesterday, a needlepoint bracelet and barrette – are the turquoise stones mined turquoise or are they man-made?  Looking at other online sites, I see a distinction being made and didn’t see a specific reference on your site.  Thanks. Pat

Hi Pat,

The bracelet on the way to you is made from mined, clear Sleeping Beauty stones.

The needlepoint barrette made by the Nez family is made with mined turquoise stone and stones used for small needlepoint work are usually treated (stabilized) to prevent breakage of the tiny pieces.

So both pieces are made from mined turquoise stones.
We don’t state on each page that all of our new Native American jewelry items are made from mined turquoise because we only buy from artists who use real turquoise.  You can read All About Turquoise and Mines here.
We never sell anything made from man-made stones unless it is so noted and they would usually be in our Bargain Barn where we list Non-Native American items or items we are not sure about.
We often purchase estate lots which include some non-Native American items or things we can’t authenticate. I’ll include some examples of those types of items below the Bargain Barn logo just to give you an idea.

Bargain Barn Pin

Bargain Barn Ring

Bargain Barn Earrings



Bargain Barn Belt Buckle


Bargain Barn Bracelet










Bargain Barn Bone Choker


So, just as a reminder:

All of the items in our New Native American Jewelry Store are sterling silver with shells and mined stones and are made by Native American Artists.

All of the items in our Pawn Shop are used Native American pieces.

The items in our Bargain Barn are a mixed bag. Some could be Native American, some definitely are not, and some are costume jewelry.

Have fun browsing !


2 thoughts on “Our Bargain Barn is like an Online Garage Sale

  1. i just stumbled on to your site, and I hope you can advise me. I live in Victoria, B.C.- far from anyone who specializes in SW stuff. About thirty five years ago, i was in the SW and acquired jewellery, rugs, and pottery. Like many, i am downsizing, and I have spent the past few days on the internet trying to track things down so I could assess their value. I must have good taste, because it appears i have a number of items made by well known artists and they appear to be quite valuable. However I am having trouble even indentifying a few pieces. They are silver, (a pin/pendant, layered silver, with a stylized bird and corn stalk: a silver, narrow ‘cuff’ bracelet with turquoise, coral and lapis). They all appear to have symbolic signatures in the back.I have truly searched the net for hours, days! My problem is, there is no one locally who can help me. If it was local stuff, there would be no problem. Can you help at all? Even a pointer in the right direction would help.
    thank you for even reading this.

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