Native American Jewelry is Unique – We only have ONE of each item

Hi Paula,

I’m looking at the Ramirez Navajo Turquoise 11-Horse Fetish Necklace.  Do the pictures/close ups of the carved horses belong to the actual necklace for sale or do they represent a “sample” of what the artist creates?  I love the expressions on the horses and the matrix of the stones on the one pictured and just wanted to know if that is how the one for sale looks!
Thank you. Martha

Hand Carved Navajo Horse Fetish Necklace by Corrine Ramirez

Hi Martha,
We photograph each item so you can see what you will actually receive. So that is the necklace –  All photos and close-ups are of the actual necklace. We only have one like that!

Today a customer placed order for 6 of these bears so I wrote her this.

Hand Carved and Inlaid Zuni Pipestone Bear by Donna Siutza

Hi Joan,
Thanks for your order, but we only have one each of the hand made Native American items on our site, so we only have one Pipestone Bear by Donna Siutza.
Would you like to choose some other bears from our Bear Fetish Carving page?

I’ll wait to hear from you ………

That’s one of the many beauties of Native American items- they are all hand made so no two are alike. Therefore, in 99% of the cases, we only have one of each item and the item that is pictured is the one you will receive.

One-of-a-kind White Buffalo Stone Buckle by Navajo Tony Garcia

In a few cases, we have more than one item and when we do we will place a note on the page that says something like this:
Edge stamping might vary slightly from the one pictured.

Sterling Silver and Chip Inlay Peyote Bird Key Ring by Loretta Bia, Navajo

Chip inlay might vary slightly from what is pictured.
The stone in each pendant is different but they all have beautiful dark matrix and a brilliant color.

Spiderweb Turquoise Pendant by Marie Bahe, Navajo

So as you browse, know that everything we offer for sale is authentic Native American hand made and that what you see is what you get !

Have fun shopping and I’ll have fun shipping !


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