Native American Safety Pin Key Rings are Back !

A month ago a gentleman in Australia bought one of the Navajo Safety Pin Key Rings we had on our site.  Then a few weeks later (after he received it) he bought all of the Navajo Safety Pin Key Rings we had in stock ! I wondered what he was going to do with them all but being too polite to pry, I just wondered…….until his letter came spontaneously.

Hi Paula
Thx for that. To tell you a little story. We bought that key ring  about 15 yrs ago in Breckenridge when we were in The States skiing. My wife loved that key ring and she lost it 2 weeks ago. She was heart broken not to mention car keys ($500 electronic) plus house keys etc. I went to Google and I found you I was delighted and so was my wife when the key ring arrived. We told the story to friends and everybody wanted one so that how the large order came about. God bless.
Kind regards, Robert
That was a great little glimpse into how widespread Native American jewelry is and how such a little thing can bring such joy !
We were able to replenish our supply so for those of you who have been asking the last few weeks………..the Safety Pins are Baaaaaaaaackkkkk !!!!
Have a good evening,


4 thoughts on “Native American Safety Pin Key Rings are Back !

  1. My friend at zumba was admiring my key ring and had told me she had one a few years back and lost it….she wants to get another one. I will give her your site tomorrow night at zumba 🙂
    Thank you, Saundra

  2. Not to mention popular tv character Max wears several NA giant safety pins on the show “Two Broke Girls”…..PS love your blog.My family and I have been amateur but educated collectors of NA jewelry since the 1960s, and you’ve taught me a few things.

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