Boulder Turquoise – Native American Jewelry Materials

Boulder turquoise has a warm earthy look to it because it is Mother Earth with a ribbon of bright turquoise running through it – thus it is also sometimes called Ribbon Turquoise. The ribbon can appear and disappear in the mother rock.


Pilot Mountain Boulder Turquoise Pendant by Tony Garcia, Laguna Pueblo


Boulder Turquoise can be found in any mine, but often the rock surrounding the turquoise is too brittle or soft to polish into a cabochon or a stone for a setting.

Therefore, a few mines are noted for their production of usable Boulder Turquoise for jewelry: Pilot Mountain and Royston. Read More about US Turquoise Mines here.


Pilot Mountain Boulder Turquoise Pendant




3 thoughts on “Boulder Turquoise – Native American Jewelry Materials

  1. That is actually a awesome blog post. I am yet new to all this but I try to improve. Reading this blog post helped me very much in studying this. Thanks for making it available and keep up the good work.

  2. Hi: I’m looking for a stone to replace one in a ring of my husband’s that was broken. Looking for boulder/ribbon turquoise.

    Would anyone know where I can find stones? Thanks

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