Native American Medicine Stick Sage Bundle Door Blessing

A door blessing is a wonderful hanging for the door of your home, office, tack room or other special place. It embodies many elements from Mother Nature and has specific symbolism.

With some elements of a prayer stick, a medicine stick and a sage bundle, a door blessing is intended to purify and bless the place and all who enter.

Sage Bundle Door Blessing

Paraphrased from the attached card:

  • The Medicine Stick brings positive energy.
  • The red, yellow, white and black ribbons represent the Four Directions from which all strength comes.
  • The feather represents Freedom.
  • Thoughts, Prayers, and Choices are represented by the bead circle which shows us that our thoughts return to us again and again.
  • Turquoise protects us and keeps us Positive in thought.
  • The rabbit fur is to help us keep a warm heart.
  • The fur reminds us that Mother Earth is the Giver of Life and we should walk softly.
  • The Sage Medicine Stick exists that we might all live in Love and Oneness.

Although these are not Native American made, they are inspired by Native American symbolism. They are made for us in Utah from rabbit fur, turkey feathers, sage, beads and ribbons.

Approximately 8″ wide x 12″ long with a loop for hanging.


3 thoughts on “Native American Medicine Stick Sage Bundle Door Blessing

  1. Whoever is telling everyone that the four colors rep. 4 directions is wrong, wrong, wrong.
    We as Lakota know of only the 4 winds…this is what the 4 colors represent.


    Mitakuye Oyasin

    • Thank you very much for your comment. The door blessing in this article is not Lakota made or made with Lakota beliefs in mind. It is a non-tribal-specific item.
      Since we represent the work of many Native American artists, we try to honor all of beliefs and ways of representing symbolism. For example in the article on the Medicine Wheel we just provide some general information, again not specific to any one group of Native American peoples.
      If you’d like to add a further explanation on the Lakota Four Winds, I would be grateful as I plan to talk about that in a further blog.
      My warmest wishes and thanks.
      I’ll sign off the same way you did with an explanation for readers who aren’t familiar with those phrases.
      Pilamayaye (Thank You)
      Mitakuye Oyasin (Everything is Connected)

    • The four directions is legitimate. There is no reason to say they are not legitimate. Many Nations use that. The four directions are: Yellow=East, Red=South, Black=White. Certainly those represent the four winds . (I got those directions from a Lakota website). We, the Cherokee, have seven directions. Red=East, Blue=North, Black=West, White=South,Yellow=Above, Brown=Below, Green=Within. Four winds, four directions, the winds come from all those directions.
      L. Redwolf

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