Native American Hallmark Query – Belt Buckle – Wero?

Dear Paula,

I have several pieces of Native American southwest Santa Fe, New Mexico sterling & gold turquoise  jewelry by the same artist. Purchased over 20 years ago and I have been searching for a name to go with the jewelry. It is just gorgeous and very detailed, BUT to no avail.

Would like to send photos of the artistic logo. Do you think this could be an early piece by F. Wero?

Thanks for your help ahead of time.  Elyn

I am not familiar with the hallmarks or the artist you suggest.

I’m posting this so that if anyone else can help you, they can add a comment to the end of this post. And Elyn, if you find out any information, I’d appreciate it if you would add it as a comment at the end of the post also.


4 thoughts on “Native American Hallmark Query – Belt Buckle – Wero?

  1. We have a piece marked F WERO on the back. Looks to be of similiar design as front view on your piece. We found this post trying to figure out who he is. Any idea?

  2. Same question, Will the real F. Wero please stand up?
    I have a wonderful buckle I’m about to pass on to my grandson and I’m wondering where i can find out more about the artist. I bought the buckle and several other pieces of jewelry from some ‘Hippies” in the Los Angeles area around 1975.

    • Jette Hartman March 20,2015
      I bought a F. Wero pendant at an auction today. It is a hollow silver with the turquoise and coral stones inside. It is large and very pretty.

      • I am about to place a F Wero pendant on eBay. It’s large and on a 24″ necklace. Old pawn style. It’s a 3″ by 2″ shadow box style containing 3 red coral pieces and one Turquoise with his deep signature design in the middle. But can find anything to give me some idea of what to ask for it. It’s beautiful…any help appreciated.

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