Unique Native American Belt Buckle – MT hallmark

Hi Paula,

I was given a very unique turquoise, coral and – not sure what the large center stone is (have been told different things including petrified wood) belt buckle years ago.  The shape and silver work are highly unusual.  The hallmark on the back is MT with something after the T that looks like a small crescent.  Can I send a photo of front and back?  Would love to identify artist!

Thanks,  Annie

Hi Annie,

That is a very unique buckle ! If it is stone, I’m thinking a jasper, perhaps picture jasper, but that’s just a guess.

I know of several MT hallmarks, and two have a rocker UNDER the MT but I don’t know of any with a crescent or rocker off to the side.

I thought I’d post this in case another reader might have some ideas.


8 thoughts on “Unique Native American Belt Buckle – MT hallmark

  1. I don’t know who did the buckle but it is intriguing. The Native Americans did use wood during various times, so I’d look at it under high magnification to see if it’s more like wood or more like jasper, a stone. The squiggles are interesting. I have a bracelet by Hopi David Tune that uses squiggles, not like these, and I’ve seen a bolo by another renowned Hopi, Pouyama, that used squiggles, too. The ones on this buckle are reminiscent of petrogyphs but they aren’t petroglyphs. The buckle is certainly well-made with the excellent inlay and the two set stones with the serrated bezel. I really like it. Wish I knew who made it, too.

    Best wishes, Linda

  2. I too have a piece of Native American jewelry – silver cuff bracelet with 10k gold fill – that has the initials M T, but the word “sterling” is in between the M and T. I’m looking for the artist. The piece was made in the early 1950’s and is Navajo. By the way, your piece is beautiful!

  3. Hi this is Bruce I have a very plain and simple squash necklace with the mark of MT on the back of it. It was given to me by my grandmother. I would like to show someone a picture of it, and see if they recognize it? My email address is booie2323@aol.com. I will provide detailed pictures. Maybe someone can tell me the vintage and other ideas who might have made this piece. It has been in the family for years. Thanks. Bruce.

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