SY Hallmark on Big Navajo Cuff Bracelet

I’m glad I found this site. I just bought a bracelet from a lady, that her father bought in 1980 from a black lady at a flea market in S.C. . It is 151.1 grams a big cuff bracelet,stone Turq. 1″.5  by 1.5inch rain drops 24 2 sq. leaves fine work. Cuff opening 1.5 inch W. 2.25 It is singed S Y  Do you think this would be Steve Yellowhorse work? I was a picker for years, just got in to this Navajo stuff. So i’am green!


We’ve had several posts about the SY hallmark you can read here

Hello again………Thanks I found out that it is by Sampson Yazzie he died in 2005 of age of 82 found a website on hall marks, JV

Hi JV,

Yes, I’ve perused that site also. Here is the page on Hallmarks

And when you go to the S page, you’ll see there is an SY hallmark with a question mark by it. We’ve purchased items by Shirley Yazzie with that hallmark. There is also S.Y. hallmark attributed to Sampson Yazzie.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Steve Yellowhorse uses SY but he also stamps a horse image by his initials.

So many beautiful vintage bracelets come into our pawn shop with no hallmarks……yet they are truly beautiful and valuable all the same.


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