Paula Please Help – Information on Navajo Artist Timothy Lee

Dear Paula

I have a beautiful belt buckle by the Navajo artist, “Timothy Lee”.  But, I can’t find any information about him anywhere, do you have anything by him or know of him??


Hi Tallbear,

Here is what it says in “Hallmarks of the Southwest” by Barton Wright.

Timothy Lee is a Navajo silversmith from the Mentmore, New Mexico region.

Hallmark is stamped full name in two lines of 1/16 Gothic print.


We have silver beads made by Betty Lee and Susie Lee.

And turquoise rings by Larson Lee.

Sterling Silver and Turquoise Ring by Larson Lee, Navajo

Maybe someone else will write in with more information on Timothy Lee.

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4 thoughts on “Paula Please Help – Information on Navajo Artist Timothy Lee

  1. Hi Paula,

    I have a beautiful black necklace that I purchased in Arizona over 20 years ago. It is black beads strung together with a silver chain. The pendant is silver, shield with feathers hanging on the bottom. There doesn’t seem to be any markings on the back. I have pictures. Can you tell me about the beads. They actually seem to be like a plastic type of material, but find it hard to believe that an artisan would use plastic. Everything else is silver.

  2. I have an unbelievably Beautiful chunky silver bracelet with 2 rows of turquoise and Silver Beading by Timothy Lee also. I will post what I can find on him!

    Dave Miller, Apex NC.

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