Native American Bracelet and Cuff Watch Storage Ideas

This is my last (for a while) installment on the sterling silver storage theme.  And it will be short and sweet.

This system consists of a 17″ x 17″ x 5″ drawer lined with anti-tarnish cloth.

Leave a large flap of extra anti-tarnish cloth attached to the front of the drawer that can be folded over to use like a blankie to tuck the bracelets in.

The storage bars are moveable, they are not fixed. The are 3″ tall and 1 1/8 wide and 15″ long. If your bracelets have a 1″ gap, you will want to make the bars 7/8″ or 1″ wide or the bracelets won’t slip onto the bars.

The bracelet bars are covered in the anti-tarnish cloth. To keep the bars from rolling over, a foot is attached to the end of each bar and I put that end in the back of the drawer. The foot is made from 1 1/2″ lathe approximately 3″ long.


4 thoughts on “Native American Bracelet and Cuff Watch Storage Ideas

  1. OK PAULA, I have a question about how your spouse made a jewelry box out of the wooden Tequila box. My spouse was wondering how you attached the cloth to the box without the glue, bleeding through the material? We found an old box that my grandpa made for my dad to stand on to brush his teeth when my dad was a child , so it has a special meaning to me.

  2. I am looking all over the internet for ways to store my jewelry safely but so I can still see everything. I have been thinking about going to plastic bags if I can’t see a piece I forget I own it. I love the look of your bracelet cuff drawer but I didn’t understand the part about each bar having a foot on each side to keep it from rolling. I wish you would take a photo of the foot and how it fits into the drawer which I am assuming it does. Right now I have them on jewelry store type cuff displays and many of them are top heavy and want to roll over so all I see is the opening and I am afraid they will slip off and get damaged. Your system looks like it would keep the bracelets facing up and easier to remove from the bar. I have some Native American/Mexican silver cuffs but I collect other styles and metals as well. I want my cuffs and my other style bracelets all together so I can better choose my bracelet stack. I am going to modify the top drawer of my jewelry vanity to accommodate my bracelets much the way you did but I do want to know what you meant by a foot on each dowel. Oh and I wanted to mention a knee high stocking slipped over the wrist can help make rolling cuffs on and off more comfortable with less reddening. The bones in my wrist are very sensitive and so is my skin and I wear a lot of bracelets which can get painful. Thank you for the great information.

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