Got at yard sale, want to give as gift……help with hallmark please?

I have a silver pendant that has the letters S and I (looks like) and they are hand engraved together. I was told its from the southwest Native Americans. Look forward to finding out who what when where on this item i got it at a yardsale and plan on giving it as a present. Thanks for the help i will be keeping an eye on my email. Thanks

Hi Jamie,

From the photos you sent, my best guess would be that those initials would be SH or HS and there are several artists that have used each of those combinations.

It is difficult for me to tell from the photos what type of stone has been set in the piece.

In some ways, it does have the look of a Native American piece but I have not seen anything quite like it.

So I am posting it in case someone else might recognize the style or hallmark.

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