How do I choose a Native American Sterling Silver Collar?

Hello Paula,

Do you ever make collars with multiple stones in the application? Such as turquoise or coral perhaps? Is there super special care needed? I recently measured my neck down low and got a measurable of 13 1/2 -14 inches. How do I determine a proper fit? I am really interested in adding a collar to my Native American pieces, but know nothing at all about them. I think I would really like to wear this type of piece.

Thank you for your time,  Barbara

Stamped Sterling Silver V Collar by Navajo artist, Gerald Bitsie with Whitewater Turquoise Pendant

Hi Barbara,

We don’t make anything here – we represent the work of hundreds of NA artists.The collars we have are shown on our Collar Page

I have seen collar necklaces with stones – they are decorated neck-shaped sterling silver panels suspended from chains.

With the one-piece collars, like the ones we carry, it would be difficult to make such an item without the stones falling out from putting on and taking off the collar. (The flexion of the collar would loosen the stones.)

As far as fit, it would depend on the shape of the collar and where you want the collar to sit – tight around your neck or down an inch or two.The best way to know is try on a collar somewhere, look in a mirror and then measure the one you like the best as far as fit.

For example, I wore  the plain collar pictured below to work today with a large feather pendant.  I usually wear a 17″ chain or omega so this collar fits me perfectly. It sits about an inch below my neck and a 3″ long feather pendant hangs perfectly in the V of my V Neck Tee.

Plaiin Sterling Silver Collar by Navajo Elaine Tahe

We try to give you an approximate equivalent for each collar so you can compare it to the length of chain you like.

This braided collar is the smallest one we’ve ever had in the store.

Braided Sterling Silver Collar by Navajo Kenny Tahe

Best of luck in your collar search !

Sterling Silver Collars

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    Have gotten it twice now and it is not like your other posts, thanks

  2. Hi Tallbear,

    Thanks for looking out for me ! And writing ! I really appreciate it.

    No virus – I was troubleshooting.

    My posts here on this blog are supposed to also be posted to my Facebook page but due to a glitch, they were not being posted there, so I was doing some testing – rather than post an actual article, I just posted “test”………so sorry, I actually was so immersed in trying to fix the problem that I didn’t stop to think those “test” posts were going out to all my readers !

    Long story short, the glitch was with Facebook and they fixed it and as of yesterday, things were working………

    So hopefully no more TEST posts !! In the future if I ever have to do that I will put a note in the post to let people know what I am doing !

    Thanks again,

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