1970-80s Native American Hallmark in Arrowhead Shape

I inherited from my aunt a love of Native American Art and recently an old (1970 or earlier) squash blossom necklace with the hallmark of a mountain shape, inside of which is what looks like a partial arrowhead or pine tree (no letters) on the back of the naja.
I would love to know more about the artist, if possible.
Thank you for any assistance you can give me…this is an inheritance that I will treasure.
Sincerely,  Jane

Hello Jane,

I have not seen this hallmark nor was I able to find it in any of my reference books. But I have posted it here in case someone else knows the mark.

I will say this much though. From the one photo, it seems to me that this is not a mountain but a sterling silver plate of that shape that has been silver soldered onto the back of the naja to give the artist a place to stamp the arrowhead. But that is just my take on it from one photo.

Also, the use of the hallmark “Sterling” was not too common until the late 70s or 80s.

It is always helpful to send photos of the piece because the style and materials often tell a lot. So feel free to send me photos of the piece itself and I will add them to this post.


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