Sending Photos with your Native American Jewelry Queries

When you want to ask a question about your vintage items, please use the “Ask Paula a Question” feature in the right hand column of this blog. Then, I will reply to you from my email address so you can send me photos. Photos are key for me to be able to help you identify your items.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you’ve seen a wide range of photo quality. The photos from our website are by yours truly but the ones with the queries are sent by readers. By the time you see them, I have already spent quite a bit of time tweaking the photos to get them to show at their best. But some are almost too poor to use. The better the photo, usually the more detail I can see and the more thorough an answer I can supply.

Here are some tips.

To avoid blurry photos and get the necessary detail, set  your camera to its close up setting and read in your instruction manual how close you should be for close ups. If you are TOO close it will be blurry. Blurry photos don’t do either of us any good.

Then do a little bit of tweaking to the photo. If you don’t have a favorite photo program, you might want to try IrfanView.

With a photo program you can crop and resize the photos.

For example, here is a raw photo right from my camera followed by a cropped version and then a resized version. While you might not see a big difference between the second and third photos, my email box FEELS a big difference as the cropped resized one, although it has enough information, it doesn’t have so much that it bogs my computer down receiving the photos. So……….take a look.

Raw photo directly from camera card is 2048 x 1536 pixels and 1131 KB

Cropped photo 738 x 624 pixels and 277 KB

Resized photo is 400 x 338 pixels and 97 KB

Please send photos that are:

In focus.

Attached to the email, not pasted into the email and not as a link I have to click to go get the photos.


Resized. I request that you use 400 pixels as the largest dimension of the width if the photo is a horizontal or 400 pixels as the largest dimension of the height if the photo is a vertical.

Along with the photos, it helps if you send dimensions such as height, width and weight.

You can also put a dime or pencil in the photo to give a sense of scale.

Bear fetish with dime for scale.

If you are going to send hallmarks, you need to use a high resolution on your camera, set to close up and then crop. For example, here is a copper pendant and its hallmark.

Copper pendant 373 x 400 pixels

Copper pendant hallmarked cropped to 236 x 302 pixels

Let me know if you have any questions !


7 thoughts on “Sending Photos with your Native American Jewelry Queries

  1. Great advise, Paula! Unfortunately I have an Am. Indian cuff bracelet posted at my site with photos taken before we spoke of these tips. I am currently laid up (again) and not mobile or able to use my right hand efficiently. Could you take a look at my site and tell me what you think? I need your help to identify piece. It’s currently boxed up in storage and I can’t access it. Anything you can see including type ie navaho would be most appreciated. Best,Dara (posting and reformat done by 3rd party since I can’t use r hand among other thins)

    • Hi Dara,
      Hows the hand? Maybe if you put that beautiful bracelet on that wrist, it will help heal it !!
      It is a unique bracelet and most likely Navajo. Looks like real turquoise and coral but hard to tell from the photos. Could be sterling silver or coin silver or other – have you had it tested?
      Without hallmarks, that’s about all the help I can be !!
      Take care,

  2. Hi Paula,

    I was wondering if the pictures that I sent were of poor quality. About a month ago I sent 2 via email. And hadn’t hear back on the necklace that I had questions on. I know the pictures were not the best, so if they were not good. Please let me know and I will take better quality photos. I just got a new camera and it will give me a chance to experiment. Thanks for your help,

    • Hi Eileen,
      I received photos from you on 5-19 and they are just fine.
      I’m just finishing up April queries and will move on to May then.
      I’m trying to catch up so that I can answer in a more timely fashion but I got behind when I was away earlier this year and have been playing catch up ever since !!

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