Can you tell me what tribe made this gift from my husband?

Hi Paula,

My husband purchased a vintage silver and turquoise bracelet for me.  Could you tell me more information on the age and tribe where it originates? thanks!  lisa

Hi Lisa,

The bracelet in your photos is a classic one-stone, two-wire Navajo style bracelet. This type of bracelet has been made for many years and they are being made currently.

Your bracelet shows definite signs of being hand made as evidenced by the hand cut and fitted smooth bezel that surrounds the turquoise stone. (More on bezels in other articles in this blog.) There is some hand stamping on the edges and a twisted rope braid around the stone.

This could be sterling silver or coin silver or not silver at all – only a test will tell you the answer to that. (much more on sterling silver in other articles in this blog.)

It looks typical of bracelets made in the 1970s when there was a boom of interest in Native American jewelry and many items were made.

Here is a sterling silver and turquoise Navajo bracelet from that era that has similar characteristics.


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