Cloud and Rain Hallmark on Copper Bracelet

Hi Paula,

I have a wide heavy stamped copper bracelet which has a spring tension closure.  The symbol inside is a cloud with lines of rain falling.  Do you have an idea of who the maker might  be? 

Thank you!  Delilah

Hi Delilah,

What a unique and beautiful bracelet.

The figure seems to have characteristics of a YeiBiChi , a figure that is part of the Navajo story and appears on Navajo jewelry.

I’ve seen similar hallmarks. Three clouds with rain falling is a fairly common component of both Navajo and Hopi hallmarks. The hallmark in your photo is not complete so it does make it a little difficult to compare to similar 3-cloud and rain hallmarks, but, even so, I have not seen one quite like the one on your bracelet.

I researched:

Navajo hallmarks

Hopi hallmarks

Navajo shop marks

Hopi Guild marks

and I have come up with nothing that matches the one on your bracelet.

So I am hoping by posting this, someone else might recognize it and leave a comment at the end of this post.


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