Beautiful Navajo Ring with KN or RN hallmark – Ideas as to artist?

Hi Paula,

I sent you an email about a possible Kirby Nez ring that I bought. You said that I could send you some photos. You have a pair of Kirby Nez Kokopelli earrings and I was hoping that you could compare the hallmark on your earrings to the hallmark on my ring.  ….. or perhaps at least identify the maker of my ring if it is not Kirby Nez.

It is a very skillfully done ring and is really heavy. I think that the body of the ring might be cast because it is really thick and solid. You can see that the whole interior is beautifully stamped along with what looks like a capitol K N and then maybe underscored with what looks like curly horns.  I know the K looks like an R at first glance but it doesn’t seem to be a mis-strike. The letter doesn’t just fade in that area, it has clean indented marks at the top where it opens and it sharply detailed. I tried to get a few photos as close as I could.   It could be a stylized R, open on the top. I don’t know.

Any help in identifying the maker would be really exciting for me. I love knowing that info about a piece. It gives me a bit of history, which I love.

Thank you kindly for your efforts. Blessings,


Hi Laura,

Gorgeous ring and GREAT photos ! Unfortunately those earrings you mention sold quite a while ago so I no longer have them to refer to. However, to tell you the truth, most of the time I have seen a Nez hallmark the last name is spelled out.

Also this looks more like RN to me. However, I have no information on either KN or RN hallmarks. So I’m not much help !!

I thought I’d post so in the event someone else might recognize it.

Great treasure !!


5 thoughts on “Beautiful Navajo Ring with KN or RN hallmark – Ideas as to artist?

  1. Paula and Laura,
    I have a ring with the exact same hallmark and I am sure it is by the same. The serrated bezel is the key plus the hallmark. I have researched and based upon where I purchased my ring it is old pawn navajo. I believed before it might have been hopi but I now believe it is navajo. It probably dates back to the 1950’s or 1960’s. I cannot attach a picture but if you can contact me based on the info I have provided to this website I would be happy to share my pics of the ring with you. It is not a mistrike. I have the exact same maker’s mark. R or K?

  2. Hi Paula and Laura I to have a ring with exactly the same hallmark. I do know that the turquoise in mine is a Fox Turquoise from Lander County Nevada which might give a clue? Good luck with the search Would love to know more. Cynthia @ New Zealand

  3. and I have yet another piece done by the same artist. a lighter cover that was my mother’s. I’d love to find out the artist’s name.

  4. Someone once told me if a bead from a squash necklace falls off, a child has died. Is there any truth to this?
    Thank you!

  5. I just bought a ring with the same hallmark and looking for any information. I looks like “20” or “28” is etched underneath the hallmark on my ring. I have been searching for information and have only found it listed under unknowns. If you happen to find out anymore information please let us know.

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