Santo Domingo Heishi Cuff with Hallmark LC – Help Identify Please

Hi Paula,

I am trying to research a heishi cuff I own with the marking on the  inside on the silver of LC with fainting etching of MUZK close but smaller in size to the LC. 

The cuff is 1 1/2″ wide with rows of heishi inlaid in a  design with shell, turquoise and a bit of coral.  I am figuring it is Santo  Domingo but that is as far as I can seem to get.  Thank you!


Gorgeous bracelet  Stephanie.

That would be Santo Domingo artist Luciano Chavez.

I don’t know what the other engraving means…….perhaps another reader does.  Paula

Thank you Paula!  I had been searching for a heishi cuff since the 1970’s and found this one.

If you ever find out what the of engraving means, that would be great.  I had heard it might be a trading post marking but don’t know how you’d ever figure that one out.  Thank you for the artist’s name.  As soon as I “Bing” it, I found a smaller bracelet of a similar pattern.



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