Navajo Hallmark GG – Ganadonegro?

Please tell me about artiste Gertie Ganadanegro.  I have some of her work stamped G G

Ms. Graham

Hello Ms. Graham,

What lovely stones !

I am not familiar with the hallmark GG or the name Gertie Ganadanegro.

I am familiar with several Navajo silversmiths with the last name Ganadonegro (note the o instead of the a in the spelling).

For example, here is a watch by LaRose Ganadonegro.

Navajo silversmith La Rose Ganadonegro began her silver work in 1984 with her husband, Archie. She creates beautiful multi-stone pieces with exceptional workmanship. She makes squash-blossom necklaces as well as many other beautiful traditional pieces. She was born in 1956 in Crown Point, New Mexico.

Here is an older piece by Rose Ganadonegro – I suspect this piece represents LaRose’s older hallmark and work.

I’m posting your photos so in case another reader is familiar with the hallmark and name you suggest, they might add a note at the end of this post.



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