What is this Cracked Turquoise Pendant Worth?

Hi Paula,

I have a turquoise pendant that I was wondering what it might be
worth and who the designer might be.  There is no hallmark that I can
find; as you can see there’s a pretty large crack in the stone.

Hi Jay,

We don’t do appraisals from photos. We only do appraisals if someone sends items to us that they want to sell.

What I can tell you about this item is this:

Although it was once a pretty pendant, I doubt that it was Native American made as it doesn’t have any characteristics that I am familiar with and has several characteristics that are not Native American.

925 indicates that the metal portion is sterling silver.

I have no idea what the smaller gemstones are – addition of such stones, whether real or imitation, is not characteristic of Native American silversmiths. If you think the item did have value at one time, you might want to take it to a jeweler to have the stones tested.

The crack in the turquoise depreciates the value of the item to about 10% of its undamaged value. And whether that is real turquoise could only be determined on physical inspection.

We occasional get items like this is estate collections. Since the item can not be authenticated and is damaged, what we do is put them in with a group of other sterling silver items in our Bargain Barn as a lot.

I invite other readers to add their comments if they recognize something in the pendant that would be helpful to Jay.


2 thoughts on “What is this Cracked Turquoise Pendant Worth?

  1. The flower has an Art Nouveau look, the stones seem to be amethyst and yellow citirine. The turquoise looks probably genuine; you can see matrix. It’s a pretty pendant and the crack wouldn’t deter me from wearing it.

  2. I concur with Linda Kaplan that the gemstones are an emerald cut citrine, a round
    cut amethyst and a pear shaped amethyst that is cut more on the round side. Since amethyst and citrines are semi-precious and generally are not expensive stones even when gem quality, I assume them to be real when placed in sterling settings. They appear to have good quality and are fancy cut.

    I don’t see the Art Nouveau look so much, the “leaves” could be feathers and what defines art nouveau is the oriental influence or overtones..

    It is a comely piece and appears large. Depending on size of the stones, with an estimate on the weight of each, plus an estimate of the silver weight, a determination of value could be made with or without the rolled silver chain. Normal for retail market is 3X the material cost, 2Xif wholesale to retail market.

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