Over 100 Hallmark Queries in the last few weeks !

All of a sudden everyone has been wondering about hallmarks !! I’ve received a steady stream of queries since early November so I am going to post my standard reply here.

With that said, I am an enormously busy elf with Christmas right around the corner…..so it will be well after the New Year before I will have the opportunity to begin replying to hallmark queries again.

I wish I had a clone or two so I could do everything !

Here is the standard reply I send out to hallmark queries so you have a head’s up as to how the process works…….Paula


Thank you for your question about your Native American jewelry. Because we have a high volume of questions, I’ve put together a general response. Please ignore the portions that don’t apply to your situation.

We answer questions about Native American items on our blog – photos are required to illustrate the post.

We don’t do appraisals via email and photos.  If you are selling your piece, read on.

Whether your are asking a question or want to sell, you can send your specific questions along with 1 or 2 medium sized photos only of the item and hallmark (to the email address I supply when you send a query).

Guidelines for sending photos are outlined here.

If your email is larger than 1000 KB, it will go to SPAM due to our email rules and we will not receive it or see your photos. So please just send one or two reasonably sized photos to start. If I need more I will ask for them.

Please name the photos so we have a person’s name or item name to tie the photo to your email.

Please let us know if you are asking for your personal information or because you want to sell the piece.

If you are selling, this article will be helpful to read.

We answer theses queries as time allows on this blog. We usually only answer questions that have good quality photos to accompany the post. The questions are answered in the order they are received and there are usually about 30 queries in the queue.

Unfortunately, we won’t have time to answer queries over the Holidays but we look forward to corresponding with you in the New Year !

Paula, Manager
Horsekeeping  www.horsekeeping.com

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