Information on Navajo Silversmith Mike Chee Please

Hi paula,

Since you sell “” mike chee “” Navajo jewelry i thought you might know some info. About a  mike chee from gallup , n.m. I met this man in california at a flea market where he was selling his turquoise jewelry from the back of a pickup truck , the year was 1973-1974 , he was living in culver city california at that time , he had me and my wife come to his apartment and he taught me to make a ring , a bracelet and a pendant ,he refused any payment for teaching me , but i gave him  a small gift , the item known to him and myself , 

my wife was a student at the university of montreal in canada , we went there for my wifes last year of school , i never saw or heard from mike again , but many times i remember him and i have looked many times  in google search to try and find him but to no avail , i have found   several mike chees in my searches but their ages  do not  come close to the mike chee i met , i am 75 years old and the mike chee i met must be in his early 70’s or late 60’s , i think in 1973 he must of been around his late 20’s or 30 years old, if you have any information about him i would greatly appreciate  it ,,,, my name is  “” bobby  “‘ jim “‘ pierce , i currently live in   bradenton florida , thank you very much for taking the time to read this letter , thanks , bobby “” jim “” pierce  ,,,,,,,      

bye the bye, just curious, how did you come to be intrested in mike chee jewelry ? And is it possible he could be my old friend ? If he is in the age area i spoke of could you please ask if its him and ok to contact him , or mabey your mike chee knows the one i am looking for ? Thanks again “” jim “”

Hi Jim,

We have only ever had the one ring above in our pawn shop that was hallmarked


I have no information on Mike Chee nor do I know him. Perhaps another reader does.



5 thoughts on “Information on Navajo Silversmith Mike Chee Please

  1. In 1974 I purchased a “Mike Chee” Navajo men’s ring from a Native American Ironworker that had come to the San Francisco Bay Area to work from Los Angeles area. He knew Mike Chee and had a lot of his silver and turquoise work for sale. This fella was living in his camper on a pickup truck and had a canoe on top. Said he was from Canada originally.
    I am 72 yrs old and this fella was a couple of years older than I. What a coincidence if I his is the same fella looking for Mike Chee!

  2. Hello I type in my Uncles name to see if he was listed on Facebook even after his first son Matthew requested that public information be kept private due to his father, my Uncle Mike Chee was a very very humble private man. I am not sure if it is the Mike Chee you are searching for but he too was artistic in designing American Indian Silver smithing he was full blooded Navajo usually stamped his name Mike Chee or otherwise M. Chee on his work. My uncle lived in Gallup N.M. Precisely Tohatchi N.M.

  3. So interesting! In 2012 I purchased a large M. Chee silver & turquoise ring (4 leaves around a
    1/2-inch round green stone) from a little knick-knack store in Churubusco, IN. I’m wearing it now as I write. I hope the artist is well.

  4. I was just at the monthly Rose Bowl FLea Market in Pasadena, California where I found a beautiful pair of earrings. To my surprise when I flipped one over, it was made by Mike Chee! They were filthy dirty and needed a good polishing. I love them! I would love to also know ore about him, particularly if he is still alive. My find was $15. Maybe I’ll take them to the Antique Roadshow! Kathe

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