Snipped or Cut tag in vintage Dooney & Bourke handbag – What Does it Mean?


Hi Paula,

 Is the value of a vintage Dooney & Bourke bag reduced if the label inside is cut?  I have a large navy kilty with tags still attached that has never been used, but the label inside has been cut.




Authentic Vintage Dooney & Bourke Kilty Bag


Hi Carmen,

Tags removed or snipped? Often we will see tags that are snipped or partially or completely torn out of the bags. If a tag is snipped but is mostly still there, and you can see the registration number on the back, it probably indicates that the bag was sold at an outlet store – it is likely authentic but might have been an overstock or slightly imperfect bag.
outlet store = less value
overstock = less value
imperfect bag = less value

Yes, less value for the above than if it was a perfect bag with unsnipped tag.


If a tag has been completely cut out, then we get suspicious because we can no longer see the registration number. Counterfeit bag makers are crafty – they sew a similar label in and then rip it out so it looks like a real tag might have been in there. But there are usually many other details that will tell us that a bag is a fake.




2 thoughts on “Snipped or Cut tag in vintage Dooney & Bourke handbag – What Does it Mean?

  1. But, as I understand it, there was a short period of time in early 1983 when Dooney & Bourke produced the first AWL handbags, that they had not started using the tags on the inside. That, as I understand it, came sometime in 1983, but some handbags produced during that short period of time will not have a tag but do have the “All weather leather” on the leather oval with the duck on the front and on the brass fob. There are a few of those out there like this and they are authentic.

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