Squash Blossom Necklace with T Hallmark

Hi Paula,

I purchased this necklace. It was represented as “Vintage Native American”. No tribal affiliation was given. It was represented as being “very old” (maybe 60’s?)

The hallmark is a capital “T”. It is not marked sterling silver but again it was represented as being sterling silver.

It has been cleaned somewhat but does have patina consistent with an older piece.

My questions are:

  1) Do you think it is Navajo? (or some other tribe)

  2) Any idea as to the maker?

        Thank you! Shauna L

Hi Shauna,

It looks like a Navajo Squash Blossom necklace to me.

Based on the photos, its overall look and style and the smooth bezels around the stones and the stones themselves, plus the patina, it has the look of a 1970s or earlier item.

Your hallmark photo shows a capital T in Gothic.

According to Hallmarks of the Southwest by Barton Wright, the T hallmark is attributed to Navajo silversmith Tommy Singer.

According to The Little Book of Marks on Southwestern Silver by Bille Hougart, the T hallmark has been used by

Navajo silversmith Tommy Singer

Navajo silversmith Rhonda Tahe

Navajo silversmith Richard T. Thomas

I hope this has been helpful. Paula


2 thoughts on “Squash Blossom Necklace with T Hallmark

  1. Paula is right, of course, that it seems to be an authentic Navajo piece. It’s a very nice necklace. I like the turquoise on it very much. The style isn’t one I’ve seen Tommy Singer use, though he experimented with a huge range of styles. My sense is that he probably did not make this one, but if you wanted to be sure you could track him down and ask him. I believe he’s still active. My bet is one of the two others or an unknown T person. I’m not familiar with the work of the two others.

    • I agree Linda. I also doubt it is Tommy Singer’s work but it could be one of the other two artists I listed. However, I have not seen other pieces by them so unless someone else recognizes the work, that’s about the best I can do – just report what has been attributed to that hallmark. Wish it could be more !

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