More on Navajo and Zuni Fetish Necklaces

There is a term associated with fetish necklaces – stacked.

That refers to fetishes strung one right on the top of one another rather than separated by a length of heishi. If heishi is used, it can be pen shell, olive shell, white clam shell, turquoise, jet or other.

Here are some examples of the various heishi that is used in between fetishes.

Pen shell heishi with turquoise heishi accent
Jet heishi
Pink shell heishi
Turquoise heishi

Here is an example of a “semi-stacked” fetish necklace, that is, one that has just a small amount of heishi in between each fetish.

Semi-stacked fetish necklace

Here are some examples of true stacked fetish necklaces, those that are fetish on fetish.

Stacked Fetish Necklace
Stacked fetish necklace
Close-up of stacked fetish necklace

Every artist has his or her own vision of what a fetish necklace should look like:

  • the size of the fetishes

  • the style of the fetishes

  • the stones and shells used for the fetishes

  • the stones and shells used for the heishi

  • the space between the fetishes

  • the type of closure (more on that in tomorrow’s post).

9 thoughts on “More on Navajo and Zuni Fetish Necklaces

  1. I have a stacked fetish necklace I bought today. The elder man & woman I bought it from said it is over 70 years old. It is a stacked fetish necklace. I wondered if I sent you a picture if you could look at it & tell me more?? Thank you, robbin

  2. I just bought a stacked fetish necklace the other day and was wondering how I could figure out if it authentic or not. All the shop owner could tell me that it was Zuni but had no info on the artist or materials used so I was a little hesitant to purchase it but it was so gorgeous I had to! Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks

  3. My grandmother left me a three-strand fetish necklace (with lots of different animals included) and I’m interested in finding out if it’s authentic. May I send you photos to get your opinion?

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  5. Hello! I just purchased a Zuni fetish necklace affirm a small side of the road store in Ohio how do I find out its authenticity?
    Thanks for your help. The clasp is also one I’ve never seen
    Thanks again

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