Antiqued Satin Finish Navajo Pearls are Here – How they are made

When we ran out of our antiqued satin finish Navajo Pearls, many of you requested more but we had a hard time finding someone to make them for us. Finally we got a few more in !!

They are perfectly fine to wear alone whether you’re in jeans or dressed up……AND they also make a great place to hang pendants !

6 mm Antiqued Satin Finish Sterling Silver Beads

These antiqued satin finish beads are made by starting with a bench made sterling silver bead. What is a bench made bead?

Handmade (hand made) beads are entirely hand crafted: cutting, stamping, dapping, drilling, soldering, filing, polishing, stringing is all done by hand. Hand made beads are very labor intensive, therefore much more expensive than bench made beads. Also, when taking the time to make beads by hand, Navajo silversmiths generally use heavy gauge sterling silver, which also adds to the price. Handmade Native American beads are the most cherished and desired by customers. Because each bead is made individually, there might be slight variations from bead to bead.

Bench made Beads (also known as Bench Beads) usually refer to beads that are partially manufactured and partially hand made. Usually the silversmith starts with some machine cut pieces, which are then soldered and strung by hand.

Excerpt from  Everything You Need to Know about Navajo Pearls

A bench made bead has a little ridge around its equator. The bench beads are antiqued, then satin finished and then the ridge on the bead seam is polished. That’s what gives them their characteristic look.

Bench made beads that have been antiqued, satin finished, and edges polished.

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