Turquoise Inlay Navajo Pearls

I received a beautiful set of vintage sterling silver and turquoise Navajo Pearls last year  – They are inscribed with “MW” on a hallmark disk.

This is the first necklace like this I’ve seen so I asked some friends who have been in the NA jewelry business their whole lives about the necklace and thought I’d share what they said.


I was told the beads were made by in the mid 1970s by Navajo silversmith Martha Wilson and the inlay was done by a Zuni artist, Rosemary White.  Martha Wilson worked out of the Bluewater Lake area.  Has anyone else seen Navajo Pearls like this?  Paula


21 thoughts on “Turquoise Inlay Navajo Pearls

  1. I sold some just like those with coral back in the 1980’s. I don’t recall who made them, but I wish I’d kept them for myself!

    • Hi Monte, Nice present !! Do you know the place, the artist who made them? If you don’t want to post your answers, you can write me personally this way………..
      Go to http://www.horsekeeping.com – click on the bear at the computer, then the link E-mail, phone, mail. Send me an email from there. If I post my email address here, it will be scooped up by spammers, so I can’t post it !! I’ll watch for your email. Paula

  2. I just purchased some almost the exact copy. From an estate jewelry dealer. Would like to share any information on them. How about a value? any ideas? Joy

      • I have looked them over carefully but no marks. My pattern is a little different from the one above. I’m crazy about them but would sell to get something else I want. I just couldn’t let the jewelry store melt them down. they also buy gold and silver just for the weight and melt it down. They had three pieces from the individual who brought them in to the store. One was already gone the other is a very old squash blossom. Almost looks arts and crafty. Turquoise pieces of different colors. But still a very old piece.
        Are theses necklaces still available? not sure from your reply. Joy

      • No I still have it. Still trying to find something like it to get a possible value. Yes I probably would be willing to sell. Joy

      • Do you have a picture of your necklace and an idea of the price you would like to get for the item.

  3. I have earrings with these same inlaid beads.I knew nothing about them ’til I came to this site.I had assumed they were zuni due to the flush inlay.Thanks for the education.

  4. I just found these beads (similar to those in the post) on ebay and the seller states the previous owner purchased them directly from the artist: Duane Maktima of Laguna Pueblo.Starting price is just under 2,000

  5. This is exciting. Im glad to see any information on these. I still have my set and would love to purchase earrings to match. Joy

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