Who is the artist and do you sell on consignment?

Hi Paula,

Could you let me know if you know the artist and if you sell on consignment?


MichaelM3 Wolf Claw Turquise Wolf Claw Turquoise

Hi Brian,

That is a nice vintage claw ring you have. The signature made on the back with an inscriber or and “electric pencil” as the Native American artists call it……….looks like Michael M which could be quite a few artists. Hallmark stamps are usually more definitive but I can’t really say for sure who made the claw ring  – but nice turquoise !!

As far as consignment, let me take this opportunity to define that.

Consignment is when the owner of an item places it with a seller hoping that the seller can market the item and then send the owner a portion of the proceeds. Oh my gosh, just thinking about all that paperwork and keeping track of this and that makes my head spin !!

No, we don’t take items on consignment. But we do purchase Native American jewelery (several lots a week) as outlined in my article “Do we Buy Native American Jewelry?”.

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