Greetings From France – I Love Your Beautiful Watches

Dear Paula,
I have spent many hours happily browsing through all the wonderful watches on your web site. I am hoping to order one for my birthday, but at the moment undecided between the Mother of Pearl Pawn Watch with the little chips of gems in the watch face or possibly the blue needlepoint watch. Before ordering, however, I’ve a couple of questions, if that’s OK?
I live in France and wonder quite what the situation is with shipping i.e. a vague idea of price, and also whether I would have to pay customs duty on the watch, and if so, would it be expensive and difficult to obtain delivery of the watch.
My other question is, I was originally looking for a watch with turquoise and coral, or perhaps a bear paw, or bear design, and wonder if you have anything like this, or similar, in your collection that might interest me, I’m quite happy with a pawn watch, there seem to be some wonderful watches on the “sold” site!
I shall look forward to your reply.
Many thanks,
Hi Melanie,
We ship to France all the time. Once you decide on the watch and you place your order, just choose France from the drop down menu under “Country” and it will show the shipping. That shipping figure is an estimate, it could be a little bit lower or higher. We will let you know and make the appropriate adjustments. I know international shipping is scheduled for a substantial increase next week. We ship Priority International with insurance.
As far as customs, we do not know specific customs rules of the various countries, so you will have to find out that information in your country. I’m pretty sure that you will have to pay a duty in France to receive your items. You should always check ahead of time to see how packages are handled once they have cleared customs. Sometimes they are delivered by the postal service and sometimes by a courier service.
Watches in the pawn shop
come AS IS. We have listed all mens and womens watches on the same page. Sometimes we put a new watch face and/or band on a pawn watch and if so, we will note that in the description.
These are our new watches – all come with a new watch face, fresh battery, and watch band to fit your wrist.
Have fun making a decision !

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