A New Twist on the Horse Whisperer Bracelet !

The Sterling Silver Classic Twist “Horse Whisperer” bracelet is like the one Robert Redford wore in the movie. It is one of the most sought after bracelets in our store so we carry it in many thicknesses and sizes for men and women.  We are often sold out and unable to get more in sterling silver. And with the rise in silver prices, the larger sizes can get quite pricey as they are based on weight of sterling silver used.

five sixteenths classic twist bracelet

So we were thrilled when Benny Tahe made us identical twins in copper !! Ever since they have come into the store, I have been wearing one and just can take my eyes off it. What a gorgeous glow !


And at 1/8 the price of the sterling version, what’s not to love?? So I’m thinking copper for the barn and sterling silver for town.

2 thoughts on “A New Twist on the Horse Whisperer Bracelet !

  1. Great piece! My mom had 2 very similar. Yours would look great stacked or worn on each wrist. Copper is a very healing metal for those with arthritis. PS, are you getting any of myblogs from Dara’s Attic, few as they may be. Am I still co-blogging with you? Just having a bad time with my computer and new modem wiped all macroed stuff and can’t get those links up.

    Once again–congrats at the new inventory and please see if you can comment on one of mine again–last one ended up in notifications? and few are visible on page.

    I’m still not 100% so fbook hasn’t been looked at or touched so say Hi! to all our cowgirl friends.

  2. I have four bracelets that are Identical to the ones I see here of silver.if possible may I email you a picture to see if they are one in the same?

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