Hooks on Native American Necklaces

Dear Paula,
I foolishly went to bed last night with my new coral necklace hooked around my neck.
I woke up in the morning and it was gone.
I could have lost it at the shops as I was in and out of bed trying to get to sleep and then we went to the shops late last night, I have searched all the crevices of my room and all places and it is just gone.
That hook they use at the back, I should have bent it shut if I wanted to leave it on, that’s what I do with my other hooks or I should have just taken it off before I go to bed.
What a shame! I scrimped and saved for that necklace and I so loved it, it was one-of a kind vintage!
Please get back to me any advice you do have about those hooks they use, and please help me for next time!
Thanks, Ruby
PS  My adopted Dad just found it! I am so pleased!  It was in between the doorway of my room and the hall way.
I have bent the hook shut, and can take it off over my head when I shower.
Any advice would still be appreciated.
Love Ruby
Hi Ruby, Phew !! That’s good news. Yes, bend the hook shut like you did – that’s what most people do who want to take a necklace on and off over their heads. Traditionally the hooks are left open at first because some people have arthritis or other difficulty with their hands and need a big open hook in order to get it fastened.
Usually when a necklace is hanging straight down it won’t come unfastened. I can see where it would come off if you wore it to bed. But like you found, it is easy to squish the hook closed for more security.

3 thoughts on “Hooks on Native American Necklaces

  1. Sorry ’bout the last comment, but, really you shouldn’t wear a good necklace, especially coral or porous bead into a shower. The alkalinity in the soap is detrimental to the necklace, more so, when you are using shampoos. Just read the list of ingredients on the shampoo label bottle.

  2. I always replace the open hook with a good silver lobster clasp on my good necklaces. Frequently when selling vintage necklaces I’ve been asked to make sure the hook and eye connector is solid..but these things bend because often the silver that was used when it was made was much softer than that we use today. The tend to pull out or even break.

    I know you want to be authentic, but in all honesty, I’d rather not be 100% authentic and have a good clasp that bemoan the loss of my 100% authentic necklace.

    I do the same on bracelets when I restring them for customers. And if you have a vintage piece, thats something to consider. These pieces were worn 24/7 when they were new..they were taken off when they went to the Pawn Shop and thats all. I also have 3 liquid silver, bead, turquoise and coral and tiny bead necklaces that I wear all the time-shower and sleep in them. Thats why I restrung them on a very fine metal wire instead of the thread they were on since 1950.

    I’m sure I shouldn’t be wearing them into the water, but I use Dr Bonners non soap soap for bathing and hair washing and it’s gentle and mild-and I’ve never had a problem with it interacting with my jewelry.

    Finally I have to caution EVERYONE to NEVER use a chemical such as Tarnex on your precious jewelry. It’s a terrible chemical and even though it cleans al that lovely patina out, it also totally messes up the porous gemstones.

    Be well and take care of your jewelry-it’s an investment!


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