Tom and Sue Kee Storyteller Bracelet

Hi Paula,

I have a Navajo story teller bracelet with Yazzie as part of trademark and there is and SK with a T above and between the SK. It is silver and gold. Trying to find the artist and value. 


Attached are photos of yhe Navajo Story Teller bracelet and the hallmark on the bracelet. The bracelet is about 2 and 3/8 inches wide, inside dimensions and about 1 and 6/8 inches high. The weight is about 1 oz.
I would like to find out any information you can give me about the artist, etc. I am not interested in selling it. I am a Franciscan Priest and use it as show and tell when I give talks about our Navajo Missions. I would, out of curiosity, be interested in knowing approximately what it might be worth, but the main thing is simply information about the piece.

Thank you again. I hope this is all the information you need.

Sincerely, Joe

Hi Joe,

Your very nice storyteller bracelet was made by the Navajo husband and wife team of Tom and Sue Kee. They are well-known for their storyteller items.

I don’t see a Yazzie in connection with this hallmark or bracelet.

The designation 1/20 12K G.F. refers to  Gold Fill which you can read about in detail here.

The value would depend on condition, actual weight, and wrist size. You can scroll through our New Silver Bracelet section to see new Tom and Sue Kee bracelets and what their retail prices are. There might be a few in our Pawn Shop as well. The true value of this bracelet is based on what you using it for – and for that, it is priceless.


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