Can this Sandcast bracelet be adjusted?

Dear Paula,
Since this will be a gift I need to know if this bracelet can be adjusted 1/4″ larger or smaller. If it can, it should be fine. Also, is the stone lab made or natural.  Thank you and goodbye now, Ann

ImageHi Ann,

This is a natural turquoise stone as are all on our site.

We don’t advise adjusting sand cast bracelets since the structure of the silver is poured rather than hammered. Read the box at the bottom of that bracelet’s page to see how the old process of sand casting is still done today.
Bracelets that are made from sheets or rods (called plate and wire) of sterling silver, that are heated and then hammered or stamped are usually adjustable. Here is an example of that type of bracelet:


If you see another that you like, feel free to ask about it but generally it is not recommended to bend sandcast pieces.


5 thoughts on “Can this Sandcast bracelet be adjusted?

  1. Hi

    I do not envy you your job lol.

    I have a few of these cuff bracelets mainly from mexico. The only ones I can make fit me are the sterling 950 I have one that I wear all the time I cant take it off it could break with a lot of removal.

    The rest I have kept because I like them. I am so small if not child size forget it.
    I have one Native American which is from 1940’s but that is in copper.

    Take care all

      • Hi

        Ha Ha I was actually meaning the other writer. They would be better to keep and admire because any forcing to open could dislodge the stone or actually crack the piece. You usually find those sorts of stones are bezel set but the bezel is attached first then the stone set. so too much moving can break the solder and dislodge the bezel. Also the Turquoise itself is a soft stone.

        Take care

      • Hi
        That is terrific. Anything that fits me is a bonus. I put wool around all my rings because to take them in I lose the metal weight.

        The other option is the bar that goes across which is very uncomfortable and tends to come loose after a little wear and sticks in the finger.

        I love jewellery but really cannot wear it. The bracelet I am wearing now is sterling 950 I have squeezed it in but will never be able to remove. It is all good because no stones involved. I have left room for the air to circulate underneath.

        Take care


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