Are Sterling Silver Native American Baby Rattles Safe?

Are the sterling silver rattles safe if my baby would lick or try and chew on them.
Thank you
Mary Jo
Hi Mary Jo,
Good question.
First of all, YES!!! Not only safe but some claim that sterling silver has health benefits.
Sterling silver is at least 92.5% pure silver and the other metals can vary. Read about that here.
Good quality sterling silver would contain copper but never nickel, lead, pewter.
What is pewter?
A gray alloy of tin with copper and antimony (formerly, tin and lead).
But beware – many “silver” baby rattles are sold that have no silver in them at all – they are just silver colored. They would not be safe as they are a composite of many metals, which could include lead.
There also should be a distinction made between solid sterling silver items and silver plated items. Our baby rattles are solid sterling silver. With plated items, once the silver plating is chipped or worn off, from wear or (eek !!) teething, the base metal would then be in contact with the baby’s mouth. So avoid plated items.
ImageAll the baby items we carry are solid sterling silver so that they can come safely in contact with a baby’s mouth.

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