Are the heishi necklaces signed?

Hi Paula,
A year ago i bought a T.Singer bracelet from you.
Now i am interested in purchasing 2 necklaces by Frank Ortiz—#NH 882 & #NH 883 but first 2 questions.
#1. Are the necklaces signed, stamped by Frank ?
#2. Do you include a Cert. of Authenticity for each ?  Thanks for your attention to this email.
Frank Ortiz Coral and Sterling Silver Necklace

Frank Ortiz Coral and Sterling Silver Necklace

Hi Steve,
As far as necklaces, the only way an artist could sign one is to include a disc or plate with their hallmark on it and string that on the end of the necklace. Some Navajo Pearl bead makers do that or stamp the last bead with their hallmark. But I know of no heishi maker that includes a hallmark. Tommy Singer and his son Richard do put name plates on their large gemstone necklaces, but that is about the only stone necklace signature I can think of.
Tommy Singer hallmark plate

Tommy Singer hallmark plate

Richard Singer Hallmark Plate

Richard Singer Hallmark Plate

As far as Certificates of Authenticity……here from our website……….

The authenticity of each jewelry item and artifact that we sell on is confirmed in person by us or by our partners to be Native American made. We deal mainly with Native American Indian artists located in New Mexico and Arizona (the heart of Navajo, Hopi, Santo Domingo, Apache and Zuni country) and South Dakota (Oglala Lakota). In many cases, we purchase directly from the artists themselves. Buying in person allows us not only to confirm authenticity, but also to hand select the finest pieces, the best stones, and to learn interesting details about the people who make the jewelry.

Jewelry that is Native American style but is made in China or the Philippines is NOT Native American made and legally cannot be called Native American. Yet it often is! These imported knockoffs hurt legitimate sellers and Native American craftspeople who are being forced out of the jewelry business because of the low prices charged for the fakes.

If authenticity is important to you, buy only from reputable sellers who offer genuine Native American made merchandise. We at describe our authentic Native American made items as “Native American”. When an item is NOT Native American made, we make sure you know that by calling it a Reproduction or putting it in our non-Native American section called the Bargain Barn.

The Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990 states that “it is illegal to offer or display for sale, or sell any art or craft product in a manner that falsely suggests it is Indian produced, an Indian product, or the product of a particular Indian tribe.”

Every item we offer as Native American made is in full compliance with this act.

Certificates of Authenticity. Legally, only the artist who makes a piece can fill out and sign a Certificate of Authenticity (COA). Therefore, for us to send you a generic certificate serves no purpose. Only about a half dozen of the artists that we purchase from provide COAs. Of the rest, many of them sign or put a hallmark on their pieces. Some do not. Buying from reputable sellers is your main assurance that the Native American item you purchase is Native American made.


3 thoughts on “Are the heishi necklaces signed?

  1. Hi

    Yes again Paula is right you have no way of telling unless buying from a dealer specializing or the artist themselves

    In Australia we are being flooded with fakes and I spend my time fighting this

    The only way you can be sure a gemstone is what it’s supposed to be beside taking to a lab. Because your instruments cannot be that sure is to go to a reputable dealer who is actually buying from the cutter or watch the cutter cut the stone yourself. If taking to a Gemmologist sound them out first. You would be suprised what certificates can be loaded down on line.for a price.

    Dealers who take a suppliers word and just buy in can also make big mistakes I know I am returning items everyday.

    Take care

    • One must be ever vigilant. We haven’t gone on our annual buying trek yet this year but I’ve heard from a couple of good sources that this year there are even more items being passed off as Native American made but that are actually counterfeit copies, hallmark and all, made by foreign entities, mainly from the Philippines, Thailand, Pakistan, India, and Mexico. What is the most sad of all, to me, is that some Native Americans, perhaps pressed financially, are passing these counterfeit pieces off as Native American made – their work or that of friends or family. Keep your eyes open deal with those you trust.

      • Hi

        Yes you can buy the stamps and actual hall mark machine ( the kind that makes the square shape around the stamp} on Ebay.

        I am a Junk shop treasure hunter and if I make mistakes it hits in the pocket so it is a good way of learning and remembering ones lessons.

        Also fake Tiffany and the boxes are being sold by the lorry load so take care what and where you buy. The best tool you can have is knowledge.

        I do not know about Native American but have bought some good pieces in the field. So I cannot really say yet.

        In Asia they are very good at what they do
        The work is very good and seems authentic but I am afraid fake. Why do people who have the skills to do this work use base metal I do not know.

        But the people who are selling them off as fakes are not usually making them they are buying cheap and then stamping.

        The Internet is a wonderful thing if used as it should be, But has opened up a mine field for thieves and deviates and every kind of cheat known to mankind.

        Take care

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