Turquoise with black and white in it……..is it valuable?

Is turquoise with black and white in it valuable? Any information would be appreciated. John


Hi John,

The black is matrix which is striking and somewhat common in certain mines such as Kingman, Sleeping Beauty, and other mines.

Most rough blocks of turquoise contain splotches or veins of the mother rock in which it formed.  This can include white kaolinite which is a clay mineral. Both matrix and clay deposits can affect the color and toughness of the turquoise stone and its workability for the Native American jeweler.

In general, I would say dark matrix (black, chocolate brown, rust, gold etc.) is desirable and white inclusions, not so much because the white is associated with a more chalky consistency, therefore less tough. I’d be happy to hear the opinion of others. Paula

4 thoughts on “Turquoise with black and white in it……..is it valuable?

  1. I can’t see it very well. Sometimes the white is a quartz inclusion and that is desirable. It can be pretty. I’d need to see a more magnified pic. As you say, Kingman is one that has a black matrix but also other mines.

  2. That looks like a very beautiful necklace. I’d love to see what it looks up close. Whatever it’s value, I think it has a very unique design to it.

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